Hurra Hurra x Bauhaus with Denisa Kollarová

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A Hurra Hurra podcast special in cooperation with the Bauhaus Study Rooms 2020: In this episode Burg-student Verena Zimmermann talks with Denisa Kollarová about her ongoing research project about playgrounds in Amsterdam. With a special focus on Aldo van Eycks approach on designing playgrounds, Kollarová gives a historical insight of van Eycks revolutionary way of designing them in the 50’s and 60’ in Amsterdam. Why are they better than the ones we see mainly nowadays? In this podcast, Denisa Kollarová shows us — citizens, parents, designers, architects, city decision makers — the importance of a high quality playground.

#bauhausstudyrooms #designofplayingandlearning #learnability

Denisa Kollarová is a slovakian Graphic Designer who lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2013. Playground situations as cultural resources are the fields of her on-going research in collaboration with Anna van Lingen. Together they published "Aldo van Eyck - seventeen playgrounds" in 2016. This publication revisits the seventeen remaining playgrounds in Amsterdam by Van Eyck. Ruins, public spaces, social architecture, city mapping and utopian architectural planning are of her interest which she shows in various books, exhibitions and lectures.

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Aldo van Eyck — Seventeen Playgrounds (2016), Denisa Kollarová, Anna van Lingen


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