Hurra Hurra x Bauhaus with Ruangrupa

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A Hurra Hurra podcast special in cooperation with the Bauhaus Study Rooms 2020: In this episode Designstudent Greta Ballschuh is talking to Farid Rakun, Rifandi Nugroho and Rifqi Fajri, members of Ruangrupa collective, about their beliefs in art and design, the creation of social events and how to build the bridge between the spirit of Ruangrupa and the european art and design field.

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Ruangrupa is a contemporary art collective based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2000 by a group of 7 artists, they provided the platform “Gudskul” in South Jakarta for organising exhibitions, events and festivals, as well as conducting publishing services, workshops and research. Ruangrupa sincerely believes in sharing and working together and sees these elements as vital for developing Indonesian contemporary art and culture. Gudskul is building an environment in which many participants are cooperating, including artists, curators, art writers, managers, researchers, musicians, filmmakers, architects, cooks, designers, fashionistas and street artists. Farid Rakun is an artist, writer, editor, teacher and instigator. Trained as an architect, he currently works as editor and researcher for Ruangrupa. Rifqi Fajri is a Jakarta based product designer. He is responsible for the art laboratory at Ruangrupa. Rifandi Nugroho is a curator, writer and currently editor in chief of and art council at Ruangrupa.

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